Why do business globally #230

Starting business before 30 years old is one of my goals. Since I have set this goal, doing home work and being well-prepared will be necessary to help me achieve this goal.

In the beginning, I just wanted to start a business and did something to make the world better, that was it. But more I think about how to build a great company, more I realize I should set some important principles to help me to achieve winning results. That is what successful players do in every area.
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Before starting a company #229

This post is just used to record my thought about why I want to build a company(companies) and the possible steps for the future.

Recently I have been spending my time on coding, reading and investing, but not writing. For many reasons, I think it is time to start writing again.

“Make history or be a part of it.” – Phil Knight.

I always think about starting a company, no matter when I was in college or even now. Being a freelancer is once to be my goals, but being a freelance seems can’t help me achieve my goals in life.
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