Before starting a company #229

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This post is just used to record my thought about why I want to build a company(companies) and the possible steps for the future.

Recently I have been spending my time on coding, reading and investing, but not writing. For many reasons, I think it is time to start writing again.

“Make history or be a part of it.” – Phil Knight.

I always think about starting a company, no matter when I was in college or even now. Being a freelancer is once to be my goals, but being a freelance seems can’t help me achieve my goals in life.

I am going to start a company(or at least one company) for the following decades and make it become an international company. Making money, ego, self-achievement are not the main reasons pushing me to make this decision, but the voice in my mind.

Even though I have this idea in my mind, but I don’t want to start a company just because I want to. It seems to be brave, but it is stupid and dangerous.

There are many people who have built great companies by different approaches or ways, but no body became successful because of pure luck. Starting a company without any prep work is like buying a lottery, which means you only have a small chance to win and the victory comes with luck, not your skills.

So before starting my own company, I need to make much research and I will record my thoughts on my blogs.

I would like to briefly explain what am I going to do in the next few years, even next few decades. And I will explain in detailed what I am going to do those things in the future posts.

I am going to:
1. Start a company(or companies) to do business globally
2. (May) Go to Singapore and stay there for around 3 years
3. (May) Start my company in Singapore
4. Start my company before 30-year-old

That is what am I going to do in the future, and reasons will be explained in the future posts.


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